The New Issue Is Out!

Mangesh Hattikudur

That's right, folks. The new issue is out on stands today, and it's pretty darn wonderful. But if all my story descriptions (Steven Hawking's Revenge Tactics, the Dangerous World of Animal Smuggling, a Tunnel That Saved Bosnia!) and overuse of exclamation points hasn't enticed you, maybe this peek at the new cover will. Also, here are a few other things you'll learn from the new issue:

-Why 10 month-old babies learn to fake smiles -The (actual) pros and cons of Swedish socialism -How Greenland is benefitting from Global Warming -Which American car outsold the Toyota Camry last year -Secrets of the Genius Sperm Bank (it's nothing like the movie Twins) -How a barrel of pickled herring helped Martin Luther win his wife.

We're covering all this and so much more. Make our editors happy and pick up a copy. Or better yet, pair a year's subscription with a t-shirt when you click here.