That's right, folks. The new issue is out on stands today, and it's pretty darn wonderful. But if all my story descriptions (Steven Hawking's Revenge Tactics, the Dangerous World of Animal Smuggling, a Tunnel That Saved Bosnia!) and overuse of exclamation points hasn't enticed you, maybe this peek at the new cover will. Also, here are a few other things you'll learn from the new issue:

-Why 10 month-old babies learn to fake smiles

-The (actual) pros and cons of Swedish socialism

-How Greenland is benefitting from Global Warming

-Which American car outsold the Toyota Camry last year

-Secrets of the Genius Sperm Bank (it's nothing like the movie Twins)

-How a barrel of pickled herring helped Martin Luther win his wife.

We're covering all this and so much more. Make our editors happy and pick up a copy. Or better yet, pair a year's subscription with a t-shirt when you click here.