Bizarre Holiday Decorations

Ransom Riggs

While most people who celebrate the holidays with outdoor displays keep it tasteful, limiting themselves to a few strings of colored lights or some tinsel, there's always that one house in the neighborhood that goes overboard, decorating their roof with a flock of blinking reindeer or their yard with a parade of inflatable Santas. We don't have anything quite that over the top in my neighborhood this year, thank goodness, but there's one person -- an innovator, let's call them -- who seems to have started a bizarre tradition: the interactive holiday shrub. Here's a picture of the interactive holiday shrub:

In Florida, surely the world capitol of weird and overdone lawn decorations, my friend Justin Arnold found this, which appears to be George Washington riding a camel. I can only assume it's some misguided attempt to celebrate Jesus' birth. Or George Washington's famous march through the desert. Or something.

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What's weird in your neighborhood this holiday season?