The Late Movies: Our Favorite Christmas Flicks

Ransom Riggs

It's my last Late Movies before Christmas, so I figured I'd celebrate in holiday style, by posting some of my favorite Christmas movies (or at least the trailers to them). What are your favorites?

I always loved Dickens' A Christmas Carol, and this modern update was one of the most delightful flicks of the 80s.

A Christmas Story
Every holiday season, one TV network or another does a 24-hour marathon of this movie, and I try to catch at least one iteration of it. It's got a million quotable lines and it's fun for the whole fam! This is the scene where Ralphie finally puts on the present he got from Aunt Clara -- a pink bunny costume.

I'm not just partial because my wife wrote the tagline ("discover your inner elf!"), but because this is one of the most wickedly funny Christmas movies to come along in a long while. In fact, it sort of re-invented the genre for me.

Die Hard
What? It's set on Christmas eve!

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Dark and demented and wonderful, this movie broke the mold (though Coraline comes close to matching its awesomeness).

Bad Santa
Ridiculous and fun, and I've been a fan of Terry Zwigoff ever since Ghost World. In this scene, a mall Santa played by Billy Bob Thornton shows up drunk for work.

Ernest Saves Christmas
Rest in peace, Ernest!

We're No Angels
A trio of escaped convicts helps a man and his wife avoid financial ruin and help their daughter find romance on Christmas Eve.