The Late Movies: Holiday Spirit

Leslie Threlkeld

The holiday season can turn into a stress-fest with the drop of Santa's hat. The planning, the family, and particularly the shopping and spending money part can really take it out of a person. Should you be ready to drop-kick an elf, here are a few videos to get you back into that holiday spirit.

Silent Monks Singing "Hallelujah"

A group of creative high school students perform a unique "silent" rendition of "Hallelujah!"

Christmas Lights Gone Wild

Most people have seen this colorful light show programmed to "Wizards In Winter" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Why not watch it again? It's so mesmerizing and merry—unless you're the guy's neighbor. Find out how you
can make your own light show on Miss Cellania's Gadget Report.

Podsafe Christmas Song

World of Warcraft has taken over the lives of countless boys and girls aged 14-40. Have you ever dated someone addicted to WoW? USELESS! However, some pretty good videos come out of Azeroth. These little elves (gnomes, technically) practice an off-beat carol to the tune of "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)." (What? I didn't say I never played.)

The Twilight Before Christmas

Ah, Twilight... exploiting the angst of an adolescent girl in serious need of some therapy (and new friends.) The hype got old a while ago, but the spoofs just keep getting better!


bunny-game /

If the videos don't do it for you, spend your lunch break playing this snowy holiday game. If the music doesn't make you smile, the adorable bunny will!

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