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David K. Israel

My junior year of college I worked as a spy. At the age of 21, I liked to refer to myself as The Youngest Spy in the World. There was no real way of knowing if this was true. There was no Google. There were no blogs. This was 1989. Before the Internet. Before hostesses stopped asking "Smoking or non?" and before toothbrushes started looking like sneakers.

Interested in reading the rest of the story? Of course you are! Well, the above was excerpted from my post yesterday over at the3six5 project wherein I talk about the Sunday blues. You know, that blue feeling you get just before going back to work after a long weekend, or, in my case, a two-week vacation.

The3Six5 project started over the weekend and I was fortunate enough to get to write on Day 3, yesterday. Each day this year, a different writer will be describing his/her experience on the assigned day. I know some other great _flossers are going to be writing for the project, so if you haven't already, go check it out and bookmark "˜em or add them to your RSS.

Also new this year: a new Web site. I decided it was high time I learned Flash. So I hired a tutor and this is the result. Let me know what you think, as it's a work in progress. And so is my other new site, Twaggies.com, where we comb the Twitterverse looking for original/funny tweets and then turn them into really bad cartoons. One influential tweeter has already called it "Favstar meets South Park!" So if you've written a funny tweet, or have read one recently, send it over to us.

That's a lot for one day. But there's even more news and announcements coming in the next couple days and weeks. So stay tuned! It's going to be a big year. Welcome back everyone!

Photo courtesy of Flickr user mab used under Creative Commons license.