The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Escaping Prisoner Becomes Stuck

42-year-old Roberto Carrillo didn't want to be in jail for New Years Eve. He tried to escape the cell in Valle Hermoso, Mexico by squeezing through a gap he saw where the roof met a wall of bars, but there wasn't enough room. He became stuck hanging upside-down and had to be rescued by laughing guards.

A source at the jail told The Sun: 'If he'd had a brain, it could have been embarrassing.'

Dragging a Coke Machine Down the Road

Nicholas Nunley needed a little cash, so he did what anyone would do -he hooked a Coke machine to his car and drove off! Deputies from the McMinn County Sheriff's department in Riceville, Tennessee chased Nunley as sparks flew from the dragging machine Wednesday morning. The Coke machine eventually disconnected from the car, but Nunley drove on. He pulled over after a nearly five mile chase. Nunley was charged with theft and resisting arrest. The car chase was caught on video.

Missing Dog Turns Itself In

A lost dachshund in Bredstedt, Germany knew just where to go. The dog, named Druse vom Höllengrund had become lost while participating in a fox hunt on Saturday. Tuesday morning, she showed up at the municipal lost and found office just as they were opening for the day. A hunter who was in the building on other business recognized the dog. Druse was then quickly reunited with her owner.

Man Crashes Into Restaurant, Orders Breakfast

91-year-old Charles Pierce of Port Orange, Florida drove to the Biscuits 'N' Gravy restaurant Monday morning. While trying to park, he pressed the accelerator and crashed through the restaurant's window. Inside, he got out of the car, sat down nearby, and ordered breakfast. Pierce was not injured, but another person was treated for minor injuries. Pierce was cited for careless driving.

Shaving a Fly's Penis with a Laser

Male flies have penises covered with spines and hooks. To figure out what the purpose of those spines are, researchers Michal Polak and Arash Rashed of the University of Cincinnati removed the spines to see what would happen.

Their spines are too small to cut off by hand. So the duo used a laser instead, wielding the light with such surgical precision that they could cut off a third of each millimetre-long spine, or the entire structure.

They found that a partial shave did nothing, but the full treatment significantly reduced the odds of the males mating with females.

The conclusion is that the fly's penis hairs act as Velcro, to grasp the female long enough to inject sperm.

Peeping Tom Photographs Himself

Police in Cheshire, England are investigating the case of a man who installed a camera in a fitting room at the Asda department store. Finding him should be easy as he left crucial evidence behind. He did not make sure the camera was off while he installed it, so pictures of the peeping tom in the act of placing the device were found in the camera. A photograph was published, and anyone who recognizes the perpetrator is urged to call police.

Watch for Falling Iguanas

Unusually cold temperatures in southern Florida are causing a novel problem -falling iguanas. Iguanas are an invasive species in Florida due to pet owners abandoning the lizards. When the temperature falls below 40 degrees, they automatically begin to hibernate and fall out of the trees they live in. There has been at least one case of a man picking up what he thought were dead iguanas which revived in the warmth of his car and caused chaos for the driver.