The Largest Record Collection in the World, Still for Sale

Chris Higgins

In December, I came across The Last Living American Veteran of WWI, an interview with Frank Buckles, the eponymous veteran. The same filmmaker (Sean Dunne) also profiled Paul Mawhinney, who owns the world's largest record collection. And the collection is for sale. No one's buying.

In Dunne's film The Archive, we meet Mawhinney and get an inside look at his collection. For years, Mawhinney ran the awesome record shop Record-Rama in Pittsburgh. I visited Record-Rama in the 90's, and bought an Uncle Tupelo record. The store is closed now. The record collection is for sale (Mawhinney values it at $25-50 million but is willing to take as little as $3 million). Mawhinney is now legally blind, a result of his diabetes. Things are a bit grim, but this short documentary is worth watching, partly just so you can see what the world's largest record collection looks like.

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

See also: how Mawhinney claims he launched David Bowie's career, and some brief coverage of Mawhinney's proposed record collection sale from February 2008.