The Late Movies: In Review

Mark Arminio

With the new year only two weeks old, it's not too late for a series of clips about the year (or ten years) behind us. For tonight's Late Movies, here are some of the best year-end compilations from music, politics, media, pop and sports.

This compilation offers a look at magazine covers for the last ten years. It's amazing to see this glimpse of a decade as expressed in single periodical front pages.

DJ Earworm, a San-Francisco based musician, has become known in recent years for his mashups. Here is his third installment, featuring all the hits of 2009, "United State of Pop (Blame it on the Pop)."

JibJab first gained notoriety in 2004 with a video of John Kerry and George W. Bush singing a political parody version of "This Land Is Your Land." In this clip, they take a look at some of the most prominent news items from last year.

For all the soccer fans out there, here are some of the best goals from 2009.

Finally, with the NFL playoffs in full swing, we close tonight with a look back at the best Super Bowl ads from last year's championship game.