Pit Bull Breaks Into House to Play

Jill Harness

Pit bulls have one of the worst reputations of all breeds, but as many advocates will tell you, it's not the breed that makes some of the animals rotten, it's how the dog is raised. A recent news story shows the delightfully sweet side of these misunderstood pups.

A loose pit bull broke into a home to play with two pups while their owner was away at work. Fortunately, the wild pooch didn't want to attack the chihuahua and yorkie, it wanted to play with them. The pit bull and its new friends played for an hour before animal control and the home owner, Rosie Sanchez, arrived on the scene to break up the puppy party.

Unfortunately, the incident was not entirely without consequences --Rosie did report that the critters made a bit of a mess in her house, including using the bathroom inside.

[Image not of the actual pit bull in question, but provided by Flickr user Coral.]