The Vice Guides to Travel

Ransom Riggs

For the past few years, VICE magazine has been dispatching correspondents to far-flung, weird and dangerous parts of the world -- places you would never, never think of taking the family on vacation -- and they've been coming back with amazing footage. North Korea, Chernobyl and Liberia have all been visited by VICE's foul-mouthed hipsters, who seem unusually eager to put themselves in harm's way, get harassed by foreign police, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. It's always fascinating.

These are clips from a few of my favorite episodes -- you can watch more of them on A warning to sensitive viewers! These guys swear a lot, and they find heavy stuff to film -- weapons markets, crazy ritual dances, drug use.

Part one of a long series about North Korea, during which they almost get thrown in North Korean jail several times.

A preview for the guide to Liberia, which looks really intense -- one of their guides is an ex-soldier who used to drink the blood of children.

The gun markets of Pakistan:

Shopping for dirty bombs in Bulgaria:

Hunting the radioactive beasts of Chernobyl:

The PLO boy scouts of Beruit, where kids are taught how to strap themselves with explosives (among other things):

This is only the tip of the iceberg -- check out more at