The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Fake Cop Arrested by Fake Prostitute

A police detective in Detroit was posing as a prostitute in a sting operation Wednesday. While she was talking to a man on the street, another man pulled up in a vehicle and flashed a badge. He followed the undercover detective, yelling to her that he was a cop. She replied that she was a cop, too, and he sped off. A nearby team of police officers from the Wayne County Sheriff's department stopped the car and found a Detroit Police Department badge, police clothing, and a gun. The unnamed man was arrested on charges of impersonating a police officer.

Ski Resort Closed Due to Snow

CairnGorm Mountain ski resort in the highlands of Scotland was having the best winter skiing season ever, until this past week when the resort had to close because of snow! Operations manager Colin Matthew said 15-foot snow drifts blocked the roads.

"We had to contract in huge 17-tonne caterpillar earth-movers," Mr Matthew added.

"They have spent two days now working about 18 hours a day trying to clear the roads.

"We have got a single-track road up to our car park and we have to get snow-blowers in to widen the roads and make it two-way traffic before we get the public up."

Driver Shoots His Way Out Of Submerged Car

An unnamed 28-year-old man was driving over a bridge in Roseville, California when his phone activated and startled him. He drove his station wagon into Pleasant Grove Creek, where it sank six to eight feet under water. He escaped by using his handgun to shoot out a window and swim to the surface. The man flagged down a passing car. An emergency crew treated him for cuts and scratches.

Couple Separated by Weather Finally Reunited

John and Kay Ure live in a former lighthouse keeper's cottage at the edge of a cliff on the coast of northern Scotland. On December 19th, Kay Ure left to go buy a Christmas turkey in Inverness. Before she could return, a snowstorm blocked the road and she had to stay in the village of Durness, eleven miles from home. Days turned into weeks, and John Ure spent Christmas, New Years Day, and his birthday alone for the first time in 35 years. He was down to emergency rations when finally, on January 18th, Ure was able to negotiate the unpaved road that had been covered with ice, then cross the water by boat to retrieve his wife. He said reuniting with his wife was like a "second honeymoon".

Kitten Rescued by Champion Climber

A kitten was stuck on a concrete ledge high above the ground in Spokane, Washington. 60-year-old Kay Leclaire passed by jogging and heard the cat cry for help. So she decided to climb up and get him. The trapped kitten lucked out, since Leclaire is a champion climber who has scaled Mount Everest and holds a record as the oldest woman to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents. The kitten was adopted almost immediately after his rescue.

Windpipe Transplanted Twice in Same Patient

Linda De Croock was injured in a traffic accident 25 years ago that left her with a crushed windpipe. Since then, her throat has been held open by metal stents until a new procedure in organ transplant gave her a new trachea. Dr. Pierre Delaere and his team at the University Hospital in Leuven, Belgium transplanted a windpipe from a cadaver into De Croock's forearm to acclimate the patient to the new organ. Her tissue grew over the cartilage of the windpipe. They moved the trachea to her throat after several months. This technique meant that De Croock did not have to take anti-rejection drugs, which many organ recipients need for the rest of their lives.

Laurel and Hardy Face Drug Charges

Police in Kingston, Pennsylvania arrested Laurel and Hardy after they delivered 50 bags of cocaine to a home. Hardy was also found to have ten bags of marijuana in his possession. 31-year-old Carlos Laurel and 39-year-old Andre "Sug" Hardy were held at the Luzerne County Jail on several felony drug charges. Hardy is also charged with parole violation and Laurel with probation violation.