The Late Movies: Best of Conan

Leslie Threlkeld

Since the last episode of The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien airs tonight, here are some of Conan's best moments from his 16+ years with NBC, showcasing the qualities that make Conan, Conan. Believe me, it was very difficult to narrow it down. If you have a favorite clip not listed here, leave a comment with the link.

Conan Helps Out Victims of the Transit Strike

During New York's system-wide transit strike in 2005, Conan decided to help people get around by escorting them in the "Black Beast."

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Meets the Star Wars Nerds

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog first appeared on Conan in 1997 during a skit about unusually talented dogs at the Westminster Dog Show. Sadly, Triumph will not be following Conan when he leaves the Tonight
Show. Instead, Triumph will be left behind at NBC...for him to poop on. Here Triumph investigates the long, nerdy line at a Star Wars premier.

Conceived on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien

During an early Tonight Show, Conan presented all the children conceived during his 16-year run on Late Night. He might have gotten the idea from Jay Leno, but Conan did it one better.


Watch the hunky Mario Lopez swoop in and steal Conando's woman.

In the Year 2000—Millennium Edition

Conan and another installment of "In the Year 2000." Too bad he couldn't see his future in the year 2010.

Power Failure

During the Blackout of 2003, Conan taped a segment minus the audience and the lights.

Faulty GE Voice Directory

NBC's phone directory, built and maintained by GE, doesn't work as well as it should.

Conan Can't Waste Time

LNwCOB - Conan Can't Waste Any Time
by ccob

In 2006, Conan got a note from NBC asking him to "move it along" and "stop wasting time" between segments and interviews.

Norm MacDonald Stops By

Last week, Norm Macdonald surprised Conan with a gift basket he bought back in June.

Hong Kong Animation

And just in case you're still not sure about the details of the drama between Conan and NBC, this computer animated video from Hong Kong makes it hilariously clear.

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