Weird Website of the Week: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

Ransom Riggs

I have to say, I'm consistently amazed that A) websites like this exist, and B) people (like me) find them interesting enough (for a minute or two at least) to scroll through them and laugh and tell other people, and also that C) a meta-weird randomness like this will probably attract enough attention to garner a book deal of some sort. So before someone gives it to you as a gag gift, you can be proud to say you saw it here first: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.

Yep, it's just like the title says. Three simple elements, quickly Photoshopped together in a low-fi mishmash (which is kind of the point), featuring Tom in a baseball uniform with pastrami on rye, Tom firing a shotgun through a bologna on a roll, Tom in a tux underwater with a cheesesteak ... and so on. It's even got a theme song.

What do you think? Stupid? Brilliant? Both? Should I be fired for even posting this crap? (A frequent theme in the comments recently!) Let us know!

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