Here's to a Swift Recovery

Jill Harness

Sisso suffered from an injured right wing over eight months ago. Fortunately, the little swift was taken in by an Israeli animal hospital, where he is now undergoing extensive physical therapy.

Originally, he just flapped around on the ground trying to regain his flight skills, but the veterinarians at the clinic decided to help him practice soaring with the help of a flight harness attached to a string connected to the ceiling. The adorable pictures are available on The Daily Mail's website. His little red flight vest is made of gauze pads and bandages, which allows him to be comfortably secured to the string while getting his strength back in the air.

Doctors hope that his muscles will soon be strong enough that he can fly inside the hospital without the harness. After he is able to fly indoors safely, he will be returned to the wild.

[Illustration courtesy of Bowmantis's Flickr stream.]