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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Thieves Steal Twinkies, Leave Tracks

34-year-old James M. Denoon and 18-year-old Anthony Stout were arrested for theft in Kingsport, Tennessee last Friday night. Police investigated a break-in at the Merita Bread Company and simply followed footprints in the inch-deep snow which led them to the two men hiding under a truck near the bakery. They had about $300 worth of Twinkies, Zingers, cupcakes, and other snacks with them. Denoon and Stout were also charged with auto burglary.

Saved from the Ice by a Web Cam

A tourist in St. Peter-Ording, Germany was walking along the North Sea coastline, taking pictures of the ice and snow that covers the beach after a period of sub-zero temperatures. The unnamed German man became disoriented on the ice and could not find his way back, as night began to fall.

"He didn't know where to go. He stopped because he was afraid," police spokeswoman Kristen Stielow told SPIEGEL ONLINE. "With the unbroken snow and ice, you can't tell where the shore ends and the sea begins."

Meanwhile, an unidentified woman in Westerwald, Germany was watching the scene on a webcam hundreds of kilometers away. She saw the figure of a man with a flashlight and called police, Local authorities went to the beach and were able to guide the man back in with their vehicle headlights. After a safety lecture, the tourist was released.

Dog Likes to Hang Out on Roofs

Hayley is a Golden Retriever who lives in Mankato, Minnesota. Her master is Max DeMars of DeMars Construction. Hayley likes to be with Max and his crew, so much that she will climb a ladder to join them on upper floors and roofs under construction! The 10-year-old dog has followed her master's construction jobs since she was a pup and has no trouble going up or down a ladder head first. She will even climb to a roof when no one is up there, if a ladder is available. Hayley's fame has spread since a neighbor called police about a dog on a roof.

Rocket Sled Stunt Backfires

An unnamed 62-year-old man hosted a party in Oakland County, Michigan where one activity was sledding. After "consuming an unknown quantity of alcohol", the man constructed a rocket by stuffing a muffler pipe with gunpowder, match heads, and gasoline. He got on a sled with the rocket and had another person light the fuse. As he was sliding down a hill, the device exploded and caused second-degree burns to his face and injury to one eye. No one else was hurt. The man was taken to a hospital and may face criminal charges.

Village Terrorized by Pheasant

Residents of Newsham, North Yorkshire, England are frightened of a rogue pheasant that attacks humans and pets. The bird hides in bushes and waits for its "prey", which could be anyone or anything passing by. It has even been known to chase children exiting a school bus.

Efforts to catch the pheasant have so far failed. One villager said she was scared to go out. "It goes for you with its beak and its claws," another added.

A postman in Newsham said he was frightened of the bird.

Unknowingly Stabbed in the Back

22-year-old Julia Popova was mugged on her way home from work in Moscow. She struggled with the purse-snatcher and was so shocked by the experience that she didn't realize he'd left a 6-inch knife sticking in her neck at the top of her back. Her parents rushed her to a hospital, where the blade was removed. Fortunately, there was no damage to Popova's spine. Warning: the picture accompanying the story may be disturbing.

Cigarette Explosion Knocks Out Man's Teeth

31-year-old Andi Susanto of Jakarta, Indonesia, received compensation from a tobacco company after a cigarette exploded in his face and knocked out six of his teeth while he was riding his motorcycle. The cigarette company offered an immediate settlement, but is not planning a recall, at least until lab tests conducted by police are final. Susanto accepted the settlement, and said he was planning to give up smoking anyway.