The Late Movies: "Dust in the Wind" Covers

Chris Higgins

"Dust in the Wind" was released way back in 1977. Written and performed by the band Kansas, it was their biggest hit, despite (or perhaps because of) its prominent viola melody -- not something you'd expect in a hit pop song. Since 1977 it has popped up all over the place, from a Will Ferrell performance in Old School to a brief mention in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Below, I've rounded up some covers of the classic tune. Enjoy!

Beaker the Muppet

Beaker is incapable of intelligible speech. That doesn't stop him from trying. Poor guy.

Will Ferrell (Old School)

At Blue's funeral. Vince Vaughn: "That's what old people do: they die." Touching.

Tonedr (Solo Acoustic Guitar)

A lovely performance -- check our more stuff by YouTube user Tonedr.

Scorpions (Acoustic)

Live in Portugal!

Sarah Brightman

The eyebrow makeup kinda gives her Crazy Eyes.

Blackout Entertainment ft. Sarah Brightman

Philly hip-hop meets Kansas via Sarah Brightman? Hey, it works.

Fatt Father

Underground Detroit rap.

How to Play "Dust in the Wind" on Guitar

A video lesson. See also: Tonedr's take on it which is a bit more personable.

Got Another Favorite?

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