The Late Movies: Puppies, Kittens & Babies vs. Roomba

Erica Palan

There are three undeniably cute things in life: kittens, puppies and babies. (How you rank them is an important personal choice.) Combine any of those three things with technology and you have YouTube gold. Here's three videos of each battling the Roomba. (And never fear, lovers of guinea pigs, turtles or Elmo ... there's cute videos for you, too.)

Baby Vs. Roomba

In our first battle of baby vs. Roomba, we learn that some kiddos just want to climb on and enjoy the ride.

Others, however, enjoy the chase.

But an important lesson: If you're going to use the Roomba as transportation, you better hold on tight.

Puppies Vs. Roomba

Instead of taking an interest in the Roomba, like the babies, some dogs treat it as a dangerous home invader. This Maltese is not too happy with her new roommate.

Other dogs, however, learn the ultimate skill when battling a Roomba: how to turn it on and off.

But, of course, some pups just want to be left alone to snooze.

Kittens Vs. Roomba

A whole litter of little kitties took a ride on Roomba. Only a few managed to hang on for the whole thing.

These curious dudes tentatively investigate their new robot friend.

And this cat takes control, holds on tight and drives the Roomba around the kitchen.

Does your pet have a love-hate relationship with your appliances?  Let us know in the comments.

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