Charge Your Devices via WiFi?

Jill Harness

Thanks to WiFi signals, there is an amazing amount of electric energy just floating in the air at any given moment. RCA has found a way to harness that power and they are planning to release a charging device that works purely by snagging a WiFi signal. Supposedly, it is effective enough to charge a Blackberry from 30% powered to full in 90 minutes.

If you're interested, you don't have long to wait. The Airnergy will be available this summer for only $40. After that, the company will be releasing a battery that charges itself using WiFi signals. Just imagine being able to charge your devices all the time using nothing more than the power already saturating the air of urban areas.

[Update: This might be a case of really wishful thinking (or a hoax). Head over to this blog for more information. If you have another link with additional details, leave it in the comments.]