The Pluto Files: News Veterans Still Outraged!


The buzz continues for The Pluto Files, coming to NOVA on March 2! In the The Pluto Files, we'll learn the inside story of "the rise and fall of America's favorite planet," Pluto, which was infamously downgraded from planetary status by Neil deGrasse Tyson in 1999 (well, it didn't become official until 2006). This Pluto thing is so infamous that we even have a shirt about the incident. The NOVA team has released a few more videos featuring major newsmen (and women) including Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Brian Williams, and Diane Sawyer discussing their feelings on the incident, deGrasse Tyson himself, and poor old "dwarf planet" Pluto.

Stay tuned: I'll have a full review before the program airs!

What About My Solar System Science Project?

Brian Williams: "To now downgrade the planet that a lot of us kind of identified with and hung our hopes on is, I think, a slap in the face to millions of American schoolchildren."

If Pluto is Not a Planet...

Jon Stewart: "Oh, it's just an icy object in the Kuiper belt?!"

What Are We Without Pluto?

Brian Williams: "Absent Pluto this becomes all about Uranus. That is the option Neil leaves us with."

Not the Boss of the Solar System

See the first video here: Neil deGrasse Tyson "Not the Boss of the Solar System," Says News Industry, or just enjoy it below.