Auto-Tune the News: The Turtle Fence


"The more I drink, the more this Congress is makin' sense," sings a member of the Auto-Tune the News crew in their latest episode. Normally I wouldn't devote an entire post to just one Auto-Tune the News clip, but this one is worth it. The basic material here is presented by Congressman Peter Hoekstra, who argues (via a colorful story about a turtle fence built in Michigan) that money spent on health care reform will not be evenly apportioned among the states. In other words, some states will get turtle fences and some won't. There's also some discussion of a rattlesnake fence and manatees swimming underneath yachts, as well as turtle doctors. What? Well, you can read and watch Hoekstra's original comments on the turtle fence here, or enjoy the summary as presented in Auto-Tune the News, quoted here in part:

Congressman Trent Franks (R-Arizona): "We need a rattlesnake fence!" Congressman Peter Hoekstra (R-Michigan): "YOU SHALL BUILD A TURTLE FENCE."

Also covered: Scott Brown, jobs, jobs, jobs, the Super Bowl, and ethics laws in Louisiana. Kind of makes a man want to build a turtle fence.

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