The Late Movies: Amazing Rubik's Cube Solvers

Chris Higgins

After posting about a Lego machine that solves Rubik's Cubes this week, I've been wondering how fast people can do it. Here are some impressive Rubik's Cube-related finds from YouTube!

3-Year-Old Solves Cube in 114 Seconds

The title pretty much says it all. This young Chinese girl has mad speedcubing skillz; the two adults next to her (one has just a 2x2x2 cube) can't keep up.

10.56 Second Solution - Yu Nakajima

According to speedcuber Yu Nakajima, he holds the third-place world record for a single solution, at 8.72 seconds, so this performance in 10.56 seconds is "not good."

6.57 Second Solution - Yu Nakajima

Now this is just crazy wacko fast. Nakajima writes, "6.57 is very good. Please see my other videos if you think I am saying the lie." Check out his YouTube channel for more.

49.33 Second Solution (With Feet)

So apparently this happened in Budapest in 2007. Some foot-cubers sat on the floor, others in chairs; in any case, the winner get through his cube in just under 50 seconds. This guy also has a YouTube channel with more cube solutions.

Michel Gondry's Famous Foot Solution

Director Michel Gondry put together this artful video showing himself solving a cube with his feet. But he's not an expert foot-cuber. Can you spot how he did it?

How Gondry Did It

Here's a good discussion of Gondry's video.

How to Solve a Rubik's Cube

Dan Brown teaches you one of the "simpler" cubing methods (still pretty baffling to me, frankly) in a series of interactive videos. It may be easier to follow along directly on YouTube due to all the clickable bits in the various videos.

Got More Rubik's Cube Videos?

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