Weird Website of the Week: Babies with Laser Eyes

Ransom Riggs

I didn't think anything could top Selleck Waterfall Sandwich, my "weird website" pick two weeks ago, for pure weirdness -- but Babies with Laser Eyes proved me wrong.

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You may be wondering why all the babies have laser eyes. Well, the proprietors of actually took the time to explain, with the help of this handy illustration:

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The Anatomy of a Laser Baby Brain by James Piggott Here we see a cross section of the mysterious laser baby brain. While most of the inner workings are classified, you can clearly see that the catalyst for the nuclear laser reaction is powered by two AA Duracell batteries. You'll also notice there is little room left for brain matter. This is why babies are so incredibly stupid. They are unable to walk, talk, or control their bowels. But hey, it's a small price to pay for laser eyes.

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