Truth or Fail: the YouTube Game Show


You may remember John Green, former Floss writer, successful young adult novelist, and 1/2 -- along with his brother Hank -- of the YouTube vlogging sensation known as Brotherhood 2.0. Well, the Green brothers are back with a new YouTube phenomenon, one which combines all the wackiness of their internet personalities with all the flossiness of John's background right on this here blog/magazine/series of popular trivia books. And it's called TRUTH OR FAIL, which is something I believe our readers are naturally predisposed to think is awesome.

It works like this: either John or Hank (or sometimes a special guest) present pairs of facts, and of each pair, one is true and one is false. (Not unlike our own popular "Spot the Big Fat Lie" game.) You actually click on your answer in the YouTube window, and that takes you to another window in which John/Hank informs you that you've either clicked on the truth, or failed, as it were. It's crazy trivia-tastic fun! There are a bunch of different episodes -- or games, whatever you want to call them -- each of which focuses on a different topic. (Note: clicking on an answer will open a new browser window where you go to the Truth or Fail YouTube page -- but c'mon back here when you're done playing!)

Here's one about literature!

And another about fast food!

Was Mark Twain born with six fingers -- or was Mark Mark blessed with three nipples? Find out in this episode of Truth or Fail, which is all about celebrity body abnormalities.