Aurora Watch

Miss Cellania

When someone sees you wear the Aurora Watch by designer Jihun Yeom, they'll think you're wearing a watchband that the actual timepiece has fallen out of. When they get a closer look, it's clear (pun intended) that you can tell time with it. It's a watch with no face! Yes, that is really a hole in the middle, but it's a hole that keeps time. The hands of the clock are lasers that shoot from the rim toward the center of the hole. The blue beam is the hour hand and the red beam is the minute hand.
<rant>Of course, this configuration assumes that you can tell time by the angle of the hands only, which at one time was a given for the entire population. Three out of four of my kids (ages 11 to 16) have trouble telling time on an analog clock. I have dial clocks complete with numbers hanging on the walls. I won't buy a digital clock because I want them to learn to read an analog clock. But you cannot escape digital readouts. The kids will seek out the clock on the microwave, coffee maker, computer, or cell phone even when there is an analog clock right in front of them.</rant>

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