The Late Movies: People Who've Been Pied

Erica Palan

Whether being done out of charity, to enhance a slapstick comedy routine or to promote a particular political ideology, seeing someone get slammed in the face with a pie is pretty darn hilarious. Here's a roundup of some notable folks getting a face full of cream.

Anita Bryant

A popular singer in the 1950s and '60s, Bryant was a vocal gay rights opponent. In 1977, She became one of the first persons to be publicly pied as a political act while speaking out against homosexuality in Iowa. After being hit, Bryant joked, "At least it's a fruit pie. She immediately began to pray for forgiveness for the attackers but soon burst into tears. Bryant's husband later retaliated by throwing a pie at the protester who had hit his wife.

Bill Gates

On February 4, 1998, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates got a pie in the face while walking to meet with Flemish Minister and President Van den Brande in Brussels.

Ann Coulter

While speaking at the University of Arizona, super-conservative political commentator Ann Coulter got pied. Sort of. Two guys who called themselves "Al Pieda" unsuccessfully lobbed baked goods at Coulter, missing her completely.

Drew Carey and The Price is Right models

In less than five minutes, five people get pies in the face during the Showcase Showdown on an episode of The Price Is Right. Weirdly, the contestant doesn't seem to notice. Too bad her super-focus doesn't pay off in the end.

Gail Shea

On January 25, 2010, Canadian politician Gail Shea was pied by PETA activist Emily McCoy while giving a speech at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters. PETA claimed the attack was part of a broader campaign aimed at Canada's support of seal hunting.

Josh Elliott

ESPN sports journalist Josh Elliott received a pie in the face from NFL analyst Mark Schlereth last October. Elliott first joined ESPN in 2004 as a commentator on Around the Horn and Jim Rome Is Burning, as well as serving as guest co-host for Cold Pizza on ESPN2.

Ronald McDonald

PETA strikes again in this clip, featuring the fast-food mascot.

Most of the Cast of Blazing Saddles

Though this is obviously scripted, I just love this clip from the epic Mel Brooks film. Do you have a favorite pie-in-face moment from film or televsion? Tell us in the comments.

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