The Late Movies: 10 Awful TV Credits Sequences

Chris Higgins

I came across the "Super Mario Brothers Super Show" closing credits sequence (the first video below), and just had to post it. I apologize in advance.

"Super Mario Brothers Super Show" (Closing Credits)

"Let's do the Mario!" yells the strange dancing man greenscreened into a Mario world. No, that's okay. I do not wish to do the Mario at this time, or ever.

"Out of This World" (Pilot Opening Credits)

Apparently just stock footage of beach scenes?

"Super Mario Brothers Super Show" (Opening Credits)

This involves Luigi, an 80's rap, more greenscreen action, and a terrifying blend of live action with animation.

"Small Wonder" (Opening Credits)

I can't even begin to describe what's happening here.

"Greatest American Hero" (Opening Credits)

Super bad greenscreen work, lots of freeze-frames, and big, big hair. Also, why are the actors' names placed right on top of their faces? That just seems sloppy.

"Smurfs' Adventures" (Opening Credits)

Appears to be a hastily re-edited collection of clips from the pilot episode.

"Smurfen" (Season 2 Opening Credits, Dutch)

Um. Awesome?

"Samurai Pizza Cats" (Opening Credits, English Dub)

A bad B-52's impression over a cartoon I've never heard of. Cool. Why is this 90 seconds long?

"CHiPs" (Opening Credits)

I'm not sure if this is the past or some terrible, terrible future.

"Perfect Strangers" (Opening Credits)

Okay, actually this is completely awesome. I love the song, the action, and the show. I'm not too sure about the shirts or Bronson Pinchot's vests, but dude -- "America or Burst?" -- that's how you open a hit TV show.

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