Congratulations, Andréa!

Jason English

It seems like just yesterday Andréa Fernandes wandered into our office (virtually, of course) and signed on to an ill-defined internship. But that was 2007. She graduated from "intern" to "regular" the following spring and we've refused to let her leave. Well, I just found out that she's engaged. If we were all working in the same office, this would call for cake. Since we're not, here's the next best thing—I asked friend of the _floss Jen Yates of Cake Wrecks fame if she could send over some photos of congratulatory cakes. Enjoy!

cakewrecks-3 /
cakewrecks-4 /
cakewrecks-5 /
cakewrecks-6 /

Head on over to Cake Wrecks for lots more laughs, or buy Jen's New York Times Bestselling book.