Tuesday Turnip

David K. Israel

In case you're not familiar with the Turnip, it's a whimsical Google search, wherein I type a random phrase and we see what kind of interesting pages "turn-up." As always with this feature, the _floss is not responsible for accuracy. If you know one of the below statements/links to be untrue, by all means, let the world know in the comments below.

Today I typed in "the average worker" taking me to a whole lotta interesting factoids gathered by a guy called Dr. Donald E. Wetmore, who wrote these after making over 2,000 Time Management presentations around the world. Keep in mind that these were written 10 years ago - that's before Twitter, Facebook... before restaurant hosts stopped asking "smoking or non":

Turnip #1 The average person gets 1 interruption every 8 minutes, or approximately 7 an hour, or 50-60 per day. The average interruption takes 5 minutes, totaling about 4 hours or 50% of the average workday. 80% of those interruptions are typically rated as "little value" or "no value" creating approximately 3 hours of wasted time per day.

Turnip #2 20% of the average workday is spent on "crucial" and "important" things, while 80% of the average workday is spent on things that have "little value" or "no value".

Turnip #3 80% of employees do not want to go to work on Monday morning. By Friday, the rate only drops to 60%. (More heart attacks occur on Monday than on any other day of the week.)

Turnip #4 The average worker gets 6 hours and 57 minutes of sleep per night.

Turnip #5 The average worker spends 35 minutes per day commuting.

Turnip #6 The average working person spends less than 30 seconds a day in meaningful communication with their children.

Turnip #7 By taking 1 hour per day for independent study, 7 hours per week, 365 hours in a year, one can learn at the rate of a full-time student. In 3-5 years, the average person can become an expert in the topic of their choice, by spending only one hour per day.