The Late Movies: Animals Drinking in Slow Motion


Call me weird, but I love a good slow motion video of an animal drinking. No, not booze -- just good old-fashioned water. There's something mesmerizing about watching this stuff. Check it out! (Note: most clips don't have sound.)

Dog Drinking (Slow Motion)

Did you know that dogs' tongues curl backwards when drinking? Check it out.

Cat Drinking (Slow Motion)

Surprise -- cats do the same thing. How did I not know this?

Cat Drinking from Faucet (300fps Slow Motion)

Brief but interesting.

Hummingbird Drinking in Flight (600fps Slow Motion)

You can see its little tongue darting out between drinks, about halfway through the video.

Swan Drinking (and Eating) (Slow Motion)

Watch the swan's neck undulate as it takes care of some underwater business.

Another Dog Drinking (400fps Slow Motion)

A very pretty scene!

Human (Winter Olympics, Slow Motion)

An Olympian caught drinking in slow motion.

What Did I Leave Out?

Post your favorite slo-mo (or heck, whatever you want) in the comments!