One Man's Quest to Colonize the Sea

Ransom Riggs

Another fascinating short documentary from, The Aquatic Life of Dennis Chamberland takes us to a place I've blogged about here before, Jules' Undersea Lodge, a "hotel" 50 feet below the surface of a lagoon in Key Largo, Florida, where an "aquanaut" named Dennis Chamberland is plotting the human colonization of the world's oceans:

To move humans to an underwater "Aquatica," as he calls the habitable regions of the ocean, he launched the Atlantica Expeditions, which are attempting to build the first underwater settlement for permanent human colonization. This isn't a lark or a toe-dip: with the premise that nearly three quarters of our planet's largest biome have long remained invisible "“ and are increasingly endangered "“ the Atlantica project seeks "a human colony whose primary purpose it is to monitor and protect this most essential of all the earth's biomes. Soon, beneath the sea, families will live and work. Children will go to school. A new generation of children will be born there "“ the first citizens of a new ocean civilization whose most important purpose will be to continuously monitor and protect the global ocean environment."

Watch the film and tell us what you think: is this a cool idea, or is Dennis Chamberland just a guy who never got over Sea Hunt?