Fun With Collective Nouns: The Winner Is...

Jason English

Update: The Winner!

The people have spoken, and the winner is "a sob of emo kids." Congrats to Nicole (and Nicole's friend)! You've won a copy of The Violin: An Illustrated History by Yehudi Menuhin. I'll be in touch.

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Last week we held a contest to see who could dream up the best new collective noun (a smack of jellyfish, a business of ferrets—that kind of thing). I jotted down four submissions that I liked, then sent the whole list to three highly respected judges for a second (and third and fourth) opinion. Usually we come to a consensus, but each picked three different entries and nobody, me included, selected one that was chosen by anyone else. What we've got here is a 13-way tie for first. Therefore, the results of the election have been nullified.

Let's try this: if you'd like to be part of the electorate, head over to the original post and pick your favorite. Vote by leaving a comment here. (Only one vote per person, please.) I'll tally the results on Monday.

To add a little ballot-casting incentive, we'll give three random voters a free back issue of mental_floss magazine. Thanks for playing!

[Image courtesy of Michael Lyons. See more of his work here.]