Chatroulette Piano Man

Chris Higgins

Today's most important web video: a guy named Merton performing improvised Ben Folds-style piano songs during Chatroulette sessions. It's hilarious and wonderful and makes me feel like everything's gonna be oookay. If you watch one web video today, please let it be this one.

All right, let me back up and explain what's going on here: Chatroulette is a very NSFW chat service in which you randomly connect with strangers for video chats. All the kids are doing it these days, and there's a lot of amateur naughty business going on. BUT -- this dude Merton is single-handedly making Chatroulette an awesome place to be, by connecting with strangers via improvised piano/vocal compositions. Seriously. He connects and immediately begins playing a song based on what he sees. In the first connection Merton improvises: "Reclining dude in a white tank-tap / leaning his head on his hand / semi-Italian-looking / just like his parents planned." In another case he demands: "Request a song." The random chatted-up girl requests "Fireflies" and Merton immediately plays it. In other cases, he carries on extended piano-improv-song "conversations" with the chattees as their astonishment with him grows.

The video contains a few swears, but listen, guys, while we're alone here -- this video makes me very happy. I hope Merton gets a TV deal out of this somehow.