The Late Movies: Irish Dancing Parodies

Erica Palan

Back during the fourth season of Friends, it was revealed during a trivia game that Chandler Bing is terrified of Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance. ("His legs flail about as if independent from his body!") I agree with Mr. Bing. Michael Flatley, the Riverdance dancers and pretty much any other form of performance that includes such rapid-fire leg movement can be a little unsettling—unless it's supposed to be funny. Then, I love it. Here are our favorite Irish dancing parodies.

Stavros Flatley

Everyone talks about Susan Boyle from the last season of Britain's Got Talent, but it was the father-and-son team of Demetri and Lagi that brought laughs to the Hammersmith Apollo. Reprising a character from Demetri's famed burlesque shows, Stavros Flatley quickly became a fan favorite. Even Simon Cowell admitted they were his "favorite ever dance acts."

Gálvölgyi János

Hungarian comedian Gálvölgyi János, known for his parodies of popular public figures, mocked the famed Flatley in this clip.

Johnny FilmMaker

Of all the homemade parodies, this is one of my favorites—and that's only partially because it begins a line from Titanic. There's also a terrible Irish accent, cheesy sound effects, pajamas pants and documentary-style interviews in Johnny FilmMaker's "The Headband of Flatley."

The Cast of Twilight

What's that, Perez Hilton? You think Kristen Stewart looks depressed all the time? Somehow, it's impossible to appear sad while doing an Irish jig.


It's funny and adorable when animals do human things.

The Cast of Final Fantasy XI

This seriously impressive video by Killara Strider shows the cast of Final Fantasy XI busting out some moves you've never seen before.

Robert James Hoffman III

Just when you thought the parodies had gotten stale, this dance troupe incorporates a very special guest—the bumblebee from Blind Melon's "No Rain" video.

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