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Animal Husbandry Gone Too Far?

Jill Harness

What happens when you combine a goat with a spider? It sounds like a joke set up you'd see on the back of a popsicle stick, but instead this is a real question scientists have asked. The answer to their inquiry is even more strange, the females are able to secrete milk through their udders that contains a silk more durable than Kevlar, more stretchable than nylon and stronger than steel.

Of course, these spider goats aren't the only hybrid animal by any means. This WebEcoist article looks at a variety of cross-species creations, including wholphins, zorses, ligers and beefalos like the one seen above. The beefalo is supposedly lower in cholesterol, higher in protein and lower in fat than its standard bovine counterpart. It's also more docile. Now if only they could work in some pig to the mix to give it the flavor of a bacon-wrapped steak without all those pesky heart-attack risks.