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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Cold Man Gets Into Bed With Stranger

An unidentified man in South Washington, Pennsylvania felt someone get into bed with him Wednesday morning. He assumed it was his girlfriend, but when he called her name, a male voice replied, "No it's not." The man jumped out of bed and grabbed a baseball bat while calling 911. Police came and arrested 33-year-old Michael Karanja Kamau. There were indications that Kamau had forced his way into the apartment. Kamau told police that he went inside the apartment because he was cold.

Man Wins Millions the Day After Divorce

The divorce case of Kevin Halstead Chorley, Lancashire, England was finalized on Friday. On Saturday, he bought a lottery ticket that paid off more than £2 million! If the divorce had taken any longer, he would be obliged to share half with his wife. However, Chorley and his new partner, along with another person who shared in the ticket, will be able to keep the money. Chorley's former wife is not bothered by the turn of events.

Ex-wife Helen said: "We are the best of friends. In fact, we get on better now than when we were married.

"It couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke. I wish him all the luck in the world - he deserves it."

Celebrating a Clean Drug Test Leads to Overdose

Michael Edwin Berg of Plant City, Florida underwent a court-ordered drug screening last September and passed as clean. He wanted to celebrate, so he and friends began the party at Berg's home, then to a bar where he obtained a bottle of morphine. The party moved to another home, where the 23-year-old Berg took the morphine and they all passed out around 3AM. Around 4:30 PM, friends called paramedics, who found him dead. Berg's friend, 23-year-old Daniel Aleman, was arrested this week on charges of third-degree murder and delivery of morphine in the case.

Hacker Remotely Disables Over 100 Cars

A car dealership in Austin, Texas installs a device in cars that allows them to disable the vehicle, or make the horn blow, if a customer is overdue on car payments. The system was hacked last month and over 100 drivers found their cars would not start. Some had to disconnect the battery to stop the horn from blowing. Police arrested 20-year-old Omar Ramos-Lopez in connection with the prank. The company had recently terminated Ramos-Lopez' employment, and investigators say he got into the system using another employee's account. He was charged with computer intrusion.

Boy Left Behind at His Birthday Party

An unnamed boy in Warren, Michigan celebrated his third birthday Saturday with a party at pizza restaurant Caesarland. Then his parents left separately without him. The manager noticed the child at about 9PM and called police. The boy was placed in foster care. Both parents say they thought the boy was either with the other parent or with his grandmother. They realized he was missing on Sunday, but did not call police. It was Monday before they called the restaurant to ask about the child! Macomb County Prosecutor's plans to file neglect and abandonment charges.

Surfing Alpaca

Surfing instructor Domingo Pianezzi of Lima, Peru, has has accomplished something no one else on record has done -he taught an alpaca to surf! His alpaca named Pisco wears a life jacket while surfing with Pianezzi, as alpacas are not natural swimmers.

The surfing teacher said: "I've surfed with a dog, a parrot, a hamster and a cat, but when I was at a competition in Australia I saw people surfing with kangaroos and koalas.

Pisco is seen on video hanging, er, hooves.

Premature Report of Death -Twice

77-year-old Theresa Fraser of Garden of Eden, Nova Scotia found her pension check had not been deposited in December. With a few phone calls, she found the Canadian government thought she had died when another woman with the same name passed away. Someone didn't check the social security numbers. Fraser thought the matter was resolved when her check arrived in January. Then last week, Fraser received a letter from Canada Revenue asking for the return of the money they sent in January! The letter was addressed to "the estate of the late Theresa Fraser" with her proper social security number. Fraser again called the revenue office to straighten the matter out, but she is afraid it may happen yet again.