The Late Movies: Fun with Chatroulette


For the three of you out there who haven't heard about yet, it's a video chat site that pairs you with random strangers. When you're bored of whichever stranger you've been paired with, just click next, and you're onto the next one. As with most internet sites, it's about 50% curiosity-seekers and 50% pervs. But a few enterprising folk have gone out of their way to experiment with Chatroulette, with some interesting results. Check 'em out!

Piano Man
This video is already something of a cult classic on the net, and it's only a week or so old. A rather talented pianist improvises songs about the people he's paired with, with hilarious results.

A few days later, singer-songwriter Ben Folds did an homage to the piano improv guy at a concert in Charlotte, NC.

Other people take a simpler approach to getting a rise out of people. This guy, for instance, discovered that a low-resolution closeup of a closed eye turned on its side looks, well, kind of naughty. Warning: mild naughtiness!

Jon Stewart covered the Chatroulette trend, discovering firsthand that most of what's out there are "naked, masturbating men."

Someone finds a dude who fell asleep while chatrouletting, and wakes him up with screams. Weird.

A huge percentage of these videos are the reactions of strangers to random images. In this case, fake webcam pictures of people who are not actually chatrouletting -- like a weird-looking Asian guy in a bra.