Breast Milk Cheese, Anyone?

Jill Harness

A chic restaurant in New York has taken an unforeseeable direction in upscale cuisine by serving breast milk cheese made with the help of his wife.

This isn't the first time someone's taken to replacing cow's milk with that of a human. In 2008, a restaurant in Switzerland started replacing 75% of the cow's milk used in the restaurant with breast milk. That was the bold move that inspired PETA's letter to Ben & Jerry's, which urged the company to start making their sweet treats out of human milk.

But this might be the first time an American restaurant started serving breast milk cuisine to patrons. I can't really see this lasting long, given America's tough laws about non-pasteurized milk products.

Is this the next big thing in dining, or just something that will shut down the guy's restaurant? Would you try it?

[Image courtesy of Flickr user rei-san.]