Reader-Submitted Quiz Week!!

Jason English

Did you ever take one of our quizzes and think to yourself, "Jeez, I could come up with something better"? Well, now's your chance! It's time for another edition of Reader-Submitted Quiz Week.

All next week (March 29-April 2), we'll be featuring reader-suggested name-x-in-y-minutes quizzes in our 5pm Quiz slot. If we choose yours, we'll send you the mental_floss t-shirt of your choice and plaster your name up on the banner.

To enter, just leave a comment below with your idea(s). If your quiz gets the green light, I'll be in touch. So you know what we're looking for, here are some x-in-y-minutes quizzes from last time around:

quiz_head_RScars /
quiz_head_RSsoviet /
quiz_head_RSbestactor /
quiz_head_RSepcot /

Can't wait to read your ideas!