The Late Movies: Get Around

Mark Arminio

As humans, we've invented some pretty great ways to get from point A to point B. Tonight for the Late Movies, here are some clips of the most extreme ways to get where you're going.

Here is a Russian jet fighter deciding to abort his landing at the last minute.

In this clip, a passenger jet heading into Hong Kong fights severe crosswinds to make a stunning landing.

From Sun City, South Africa, here is a POV video from the world's tallest, fastest and longest zip line.

Here's a video from the Diamond Maruti Car Circus in Delhi. Watch these vehicles race around the Wall of Death.

A longboarding video with some spectacular scenery.

This is a clip of a hang glider flight in Tasmania...complete with a few eagles that join in on the ride.

Another POV video, this one features a pair of bike racers riding on a course that can only be described as treacherous.

Finally, from the always excellent Top Gear, here's a clip of a car doing a flip in a tunnel. Enjoy!

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