The Late Movies: Peeps in Motion

Miss Cellania

Marshmallow Peeps! They're cute, colorful, delicious, and will appear in your video without contract negotiations. Enjoy ten standout videos starring the classic Easter candy.

The Peeps

One of Alfred Hitchcock's greatest horror flicks.

Peeps for Easter

The dialog is limited, but what can you expect from marshmallow chickens?

Peep Wars

The song is "It's a Disaster" by OK Go.

Peeps: The Battle For Easter Island

Supposedly a trailer for a movie to come, this works mainly because of the assembly of the troops.

Project Peepway

Peeps have entered the reality TV game show genre!

Walk It Out

Peeps make a decent chorus line, and the best part is marching into your mouth.


A classic from PES.

Halloween Peep Show

Zombie Peeps, bloody bunnies, and ghosts appear in this Halloween greeting.

Peep Show

This would be a square dance if there were only four colors, but five is nice.

Peep Kong

If you like watching Peeps recreate Hollywood movies, see more in this Peeps Film Festival.

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