Just The Craziest 80s Action Movies Ever

Ransom Riggs

There was a point in the 80s when filmmakers were all trying to out-do each other to make the all-out bad-assest action movie of all time. It was kind of like the nuclear arms race, except it was all about pecs and punching rather than missiles in space. And it didn't matter how low-budget your movie was -- you could still have wicked action! For instance, watch this a clip from this 80s classic, Hard Ticket to Hawaii. It's completely insane. And I mean insane.

I just really had to share that. Thank you.

Also wonderful is the film Deadly Prey, which the fine folks at Everything is Terrible unearthed and distilled down to its punchiest three minutes. Due to NSFW language, gunplay, and bitch-slapping, don't watch this with five-year-olds or bosses around!

But when they're not pumping you up with action, they can really make you think -- like Stephen Baldwin's masterpiece, Cutaway. Watch this and see if you can figure out what the theme of the film is! (Hint: it doesn't take a graduate degree in cinema. Which, sadly, can be said of many things.)