The Late Movies: Spontaneous Dance Parties

Erica Palan

If the Internet has taught us anything, it's this: Watching other people do things that make them happy makes us happy, too. The people in the following clips are joyfully dancing—often to the surprise of everyone else around them. These spontaneous dance parties—meaning done without warning, so spontaneous to viewers, not to participants—are sure to make you smile.


Organized two months in advance, this video is super-cool because the organizer explains a little bit about her motivation. Approximately 40 dancers busted moves on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (of Rocky fame).

New York City

This small crew broke into dance on the subway in New York City. Though the video quality isn't the best here, these guys are pros. Watch as one dancer hits his head on the top of the train and keeps dancing.


Whether you support Obama or not, the excitement on the evening of his election is undeniable. Along Broadway in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, this dance party erupted as people screamed the lyrics of "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey.


I'm not sure what's more impressive here: the fact that these people managed to do a pretty reasonable version of the "Thriller" dance on a moving train or the fact that one of the women is doing it in substantial heels.

Liverpool Street Station

Filmed last year for a British T-Mobile commercial, this is one of two clips in tonight's Late Movies that doesn't come from grassroots origins. This does not make it any less joyful to watch.


This is the second professionally scripted clip. Created as a promotion for a Belgian television program looking for someone to play the leading role in The Sound of Music, the organizers gathered more than 200 people and in only two rehearsals, managed to pull of a dance performance of epic proportions.


Sometimes, it's a dance party of one. This Toronto man is all over YouTube for his strange solo dance moves in public places.


Since the makers of this video admit that their dance party was created after a night of boozing, it should serve as warning to all drinkers: You never look as good as you think when dancing under the influence. But that won't take away from the fun.

Quincy, Washington

At the 2009 Sasquatch Music Festival, one man with a mission created a huge dance party during Santogold's set.

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