The Late Movies: Hypnotic Visuals

Chris Higgins

Tonight, let's get abstract! Here are some of my favorite non-narrative videos on the web -- stuff without plots, characters, narratives, none of that messy stuff. Just beautiful images and, in most cases, sounds.

Lights and Water

Described by its creator: "No cuts, no movement, no nothing, 1 minute. This was taken from my car in Downtown SF." This is utterly beautiful.

Lights and Water from James Adamson on Vimeo.

Color + Modulation #7

By Portland artist Rob Tyler, this is one of his hand-painted photography projects. Basically he paints every frame of the film by hand, then edits it on a computer. Look him up if you want lots more of this (he sells a DVD of very mesmerizing stuff).

Timescapes Timelapse: Learning to Fly

A collection of imagery set to "Learning to Fly." Includes a lot of night-timelapse. The watermark is annoying, but the timelapse is well done.

Timescapes Timelapse: Learning to Fly from Tom Lowe @ Timescapes on Vimeo.


I actually posted this back when it came out (see Birds on Wires). It's just a shot of birds on power lines.

powerlinerflyers from wes johnson on Vimeo.

Soap Bubble Art

Soap bubbles and Philip Glass music. What's not to love?


Abstract color art by Josh Weide (no sound).


Video shot from a glider...or some sort of aircraft, anyway.