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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Drunk Man Found Sleeping in Plane Engine

At the the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, an engineering team was preparing an Indian Airlines Airbus A-320 for takeoff when one of the crew spotted a leg dangling from an engine! A young man was found asleep inside the engine. He told airport security that he'd been sleepy and chose the engine as a place to lie down. The plane was only two hours from taking off on a flight to Raipur. Alcohol is believed to have been involved.

Fallen Fish is Dented, but Good Luck

A unnamed man in Melbourne, Florida was driving a truck when a fish fell out of the sky and landed on his windshield. He stopped the truck, retrieved the fish, and took it into the sushi restaurant he just left. A splash of water revived the fish. But instead of making sushi out of him, he was honored with a place in the restaurant's aquarium as a good luck charm. He had a dent in his head, which may have resulted from its crash into the windshield.

Danger is his middle name. And hers, too.

Billie Lampard will always be able to tell people that Danger is her middle name. And so will her brother. Their parents Amy and Glenn Lampard of East Melbourne, Australia named the newborn twins Billie Danger and Ridley Danger.

"I've always wanted to be able to say it myself," Mr Lampard said.

"We're actually enjoying calling them the 'Danger Twins' at the moment. It's a bit of a novelty."

The parents say family and friends have mixed reactions to the names.

Suspect on the Run Jumps Fence Into Prison

Police in Garfeild Heights, Ohio began chasing a car when the driver failed to signal and then failed to pull over. The chase reached 90 miles an hour and went through several communities. The car eventually stopped and four men jumped out. Two were captured when they ran down a dead-end alley. One was tasered when he tried to jump a fence. The driver, 20-year-old Ricky Flowers, scaled the fence only to find himself inside the grounds of a women's prison! An alarm went off and police arrested Flowers. All four men face a variety of charges.

He Says He's Not The Messiah

Author and food activist Raj Patel says he is not the Messiah. But after his appearance on the TV show The Colbert Report, he found himself to be an object of worship for a religious sect. Patel only wanted to plug his latest book called The Value of Nothing. A small religious group called Share International recognized the prophesies of their leader, Benjamin Creme, in Patel's background. Patel has issued a denial of holiness on his website,  where he compares his situation to the Monty Python movie The Life of Brian. Followers have traveled thousands of miles to see him.

Manure Pool Spawns Giant Bubbles

You think you have troubles at work? Dairy farmer Tony Goltstein of Winchester, Indiana has methane bubbles rising up to twenty feet tall, full of gas released by decomposing cow manure. Since wholesale prices of dairy products has plummeted, he cannot afford to properly maintain the manure lagoon. Replacing the plastic liner would cost around $200,000, and Goltstein is afraid the lagoon will overflow if the bubbles under the plastic continue to rise.

This month, Mr. Goltstein asked state regulators to let him pop the bubbles. He said he and his 19-year-old son would slice them open with a knife from a paddleboat.

Bruce Palin, assistant commissioner for the office of land quality at the state environmental agency, said officials were considering the idea. But, he added, "not knowing how much volume of gas is there and how much pressure is on it, we're concerned with just cutting a hole."

Last year, a hog farmer in Hayfield, Minn., was launched 40 feet into the air in an explosion caused by methane gas from a manure pit on his farm. He sustained burns and singed hair.

Tony the Tiger Rescued from Moat

An elderly Siberian tiger named Tony went into a dry moat bordering his territory at the San Francisco Zoo. No one knew why Tony stayed in the moat, but a recent exam had found signs of senility in the tiger. After four days, zoo authorities wanted him out of the moat as excrement was piling up. The 360-pound cat was shot with a tranquilizer gun and then strapped to a stretcher and hauled out by pulley, with the help of local firefighters.