The Late Movies: Creative Dialogue Replacement

Ransom Riggs

It was only a matter of time before we got to this. A group on YouTube calling themselves the "Day Job Orchestra" have remixed a bunch of clips from TV shows -- mostly Star Trek: the Next Generation -- by replacing the dialogue with hyper-random (and frequently rude) dialogue of their own. But what makes this fun is the sometimes painstaking job they did of making the characters' mouth-movements match the new words, so it actually kind of looks like Captain Picard is saying things like "Listen! Whenever you do algebra, you need more lesbians!"

Watch and be amused. Be warned: prolific swearing and general rudeness!

But it's not all Star Trek! Here's W's farewell speech, with new lines like "Jello is safe to eat! I'm crunchy with fudge."

And here's a little ditty from FDR. He certainly belches a lot.

Also, Bill O'Reilly would love some horse-proof bacon.