Support Your Local Library (But...How?)

Jason English

I got a very nice email last night from a librarian in New York. She thanked us for "supporting the wonderful public library system," referring to Ransom Riggs' post on the future of libraries.

The post led to a flurry of "I love my library!" comments, which is great to hear. But I'm not sure we really did anything to support public libraries. And I'm not exactly sure what library enthusiasts should be doing.

Let me pose the question to all of you.

Attention librarians, library regulars, government officials, taxpayers, and concerned citizens: how can we better support our public libraries? Convince your neighbor to get a library card? Check out more books? Write letters to local newspapers? Spend more time reading the newspapers attached to those big wooden poles? Less time?

You're smart people. You'll know.

[Image courtesy of the Newton (MA) Free Library via Flickr]