The Late Movies: It's Prank Time

Mark Arminio

This is one of the most elaborate pranks I've ever seen. Heineken culled together a group of professors, wives, girlfriends and bosses and had them convince their students, husbands, boyfriends and employees to attend a concert on the night Real Madrid played AC Milan. Most of them couldn't say no, but were rewarded for their patience.

Earlier this year, some high school students blindfolded a teacher and told him he would win Final Four tickets if he sank the same half court shot. You can probably guess what happened.

At the Harvard-Yale game, a group of Yale kids dress as the Harvard Prep Squad (which doesn't exist) and convince an entire section to hold up cards that spell out "We Suck."

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From the kids at CollegeHumor, we have a marriage proposal...only neither of the people getting engaged know about it.

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Of course, what would a great prank be without retaliation? Getting his revenge from the fake proposal above, Streeter convinces his friend he's won 500k by hitting a blindfolded, half-court shot during a Maryland basketball game.

A little light swearing on this one. A telemarketer calls a comedian Tom Mabe, who pretends to be an officer at the scene of a homicide.

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