Literally the Best Blog Ever (Actually, Figuratively)

Chris Higgins

I can't tell you how often I hear someone use the term "literally" when he or she means "figuratively." It bugs me nearly as much as "misused" quotation marks. So I urge you to check out Literally, a Web Log, a site cataloging the horrendous misuse of the term "literally." Examples? Oh, you bet:

Literally kill for vampire co-star: Kristen Stewart (of the Twilight movies) said: "I literally saw Jacob in him." "I would kill for him, literally." Literally tear Santa's heart out. Santa Joe said: "I've had children just literally tear my heart out." Regarding Britney Spears, Dr. Timothy Brantley said: "She's literally on a roller coaster to hell."

I'm literally gouging my eyes out reading this blog. Literally. Wait, figuratively. Oh, too late, eyes are gone. Typing...getting...harder...losing...blood....