The Late Movies: Cats in the Bathroom

Miss Cellania

Cats are fascinated with the bathroom. Yes, there are house cats who use the toilet for the same purpose humans do, but there are no videos of that here. Rather, here are cats having lots of fun in the bathroom.

Orca vs. TP

Berlin vs. TP

Boots vs. TP

Stinky vs. TP

Julio vs. Paper Towels

An Entire Litter vs. TP

In Training

Buddy in the Sink

That's where he stays all day, as he will tell you. Cats love sinks so much there's an entire website dedicated to them.

In the Shower

Most cats don't care for a shower, but there's always an exception.

After the Shower


Gizmo Flushing

A classic from 2006. Gizmo's family couldn't understand why their water bill was so high, until they found out that Gizmo had a hobby!

The Song

Many cats have learned to flush, so of course there's a compilation and a song by Parry Grip.