What Kind of Tweeter R U? The 13 Types on Twitter


Some of you may recall my post on the 13 Types of Friends on Facebook. So here's a companion piece, though each type of Tweeter on Twitter will be limited to 140 characters, to keep in the spirit of the post.

1.The MIA/Machine Gunner is MIA for 4 weeks & then comes out of nowhere with 10 tweets in a row within a 4-minute span & then gone again!
2.The Social Media Moron DMs U even though U can't DM back because he's not following U, forcing U to @reply the whole world with private info
3.The Autobot RTs just about everything you tweet without adding or editing a thing. Note: some of these may be REAL autobots, but not all
4.The Plagiarizer doesn't bother with a (via @yourname) but just steals your tweet and claims it as his/her own. (We're onto you!)
5.The Follow/UnFollower first follows you, then waits for you to follow back, then when you're not looking, unfollows you. FAIL!
6.The Profile Photo Switcher changes his/her photo every week, making it really hard to recognize where the tweets are coming from. Fickle much?
7.The Joker tries really really hard to be funny ALL THE TIME. Even if some of them are, it becomes numbing after a while
8.The Letter Writer starts every tweet with Dear X, and then says something funny or ironic. [Okay, we get it. ha ha.]
9.The @Star Tweeter follows lots of Hollywood stars or famous sports figures and tweets @them as if they're best buds.
10.The Frequent Flyer thinks we care what airport s/he's in every other day, as if we're supposed to be impressed. [Ohhh! JFK/LAX?! WOW! Lucky u!]
11.The Bore tweets stuff like: Going to Trader Joes to do some shopping! [Cool! Hope that works out for you alright!!!! not]
12.The No Follower has about 20,000 followers but only follows 20 of them back. So much for using social media to create a community, eh?
13.The Over-Tweeter tweets so often, you're forced to shove them in a far-off Tweet Deck column you never check.

As always, if you think we missed a Type, that's what the comments are for!

For more Twitter humor, check out my site Twaggies.com. Also, if you want, you can follow ME on Twitter, because I'm NONE of the above ;-) @resila.

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